Giving Female Welders an Edge

How 3-D modular welding equipment improves working conditions and output This article was originally published on and for by Michelle Howell of Forster America Despite continued growth in the number of female welders, only 24 percent of today’s welders are women. Opportunities abound as employers struggle to find skilled welders. Advanced welding equipment, suchRead More

Welding Fixtures and How They Work

In the days when welding was still a traditional craft, the welder’s most well-kept secret was his jigs. These were usually custom-made and then either welded to the worktable or attached using various welding fixtures, including regular clamps and vices of various types. Jigs were (and still are) used to shape and bend metal, andRead More

Ultra-Tech Aerospace: Letting the Sparks Fly

How a Kansas-based aerospace company launched a welding department to better serve customers – By Katie Pacheco for AWS Welding Journal Ultra-Tech Aerospace (UTA) didn’t always conduct its own in-house welding. A provider of manufacturing and distribution services to the commercial and defense aerospace industries, the Kansas-based company opened its doors in 1983 and originallyRead More

Forster America’s Award-Winning Products for Welding

Forster 3D Welding Systems has a long, successfully history that includes a number of prestigious awards for their innovative, world-class products. Forster America caters for a wide range of industries, from aviation, and automotive and transportation industries, to construction-orientated industries that manufacture frames, doors, and windows, as well as railings, fences, and gates. The companyRead More

Advantages of Forster’s T-Slot System

If you’re searching for the very best welding tables available in the US, you’ll need to consider the materials used to build them, the finish of the table, as well as design elements. Generic advantages that indicate superior quality include: Good surface hardness Anti-corrosiveness Spatter resistance Overall durability Substantial load capability In addition to theseRead More