Modular Welding Tables Provide Unlimited Options for Custom Welding

Welding tables are an essential item in any welding workshop. But while a straightforward workbench-type table made of mild steel might work for a weekend handyman, modular welding tables are the answer for any professional workshop.

About Modular Welding Tables

Modular welding tables, like any modular units, are designed with standardized dimensions that make their use incredibly flexible, improving the welding operation. Some parts may be interchanged or combined with others, in different ways, adding to their versatility.

The best modular welding tables provide welders with unlimited options for custom welding – for any type of project.

welding table

Forster America modular welding tables incorporate cast iron (or an aluminum/copper alloy) in slatted table surfaces with 100 mm wide spaces between the rails. The surface of these tables can move and be adjusted to whatever position is best for precision welding of different parts of a work piece, however big or small. For total flexibility these modular welding tables support various combinations of vertical turntables, lift tables, and horizontal rotary tables. So with just a few basic components it is possible to achieve unlimited options for custom welding.

3D modular welding tables are designed specifically to hold 3D welding components and accessories, creating a flexible system that is infinite. They have a T-slot design so that the slats can be adjusted to accommodate the accessories and various components. The design also allows for the size of the table to be adjusted before or during the welding process.

One of the most popular components used with T-slot welding tables is the 3D clamping system. Both the table and try square used with it are manufactured to the most precise standards that comply with the so-called “fine” requirements of ISO 2768 T2 that prescribes general tolerances for both linear and angular dimensions. Individual table surface rails have a tolerance of about 0.05 mm which makes them interchangeable and reliable.

Additional modules for custom welding using a Forster America modular welding table include shelves and tool racks that may be attached to the table or to the wall alongside the modular table. Other modules include magnetic panels that may be positioned at a slope, socket strips, lighting, and various swivel arms with different supports.

Benefits of Modular Welding Tables

The highest cost in welding is the downtime that is associated with pre-production, particularly for projects where dimensions and angles must be absolutely precise. Where the welder doesn’t have the advantage of a versatile modular welding table, measuring, aligning, correcting, and often having to mechanically rework a piece can be incredibly time consuming – and by implication, time wasting.

Apart from the ability modular welding tables afford in terms of flexibility of position, grey cast iron Forster America modular welding tables have a low expansion point. This means that there is minimal effect when they are exposed to heat. As the surface ages, it becomes darker, and increasingly resistant to splatter (or flash) from welding material sticking to the surface. This further reduces cleaning time and improves productivity.

So if you are serious about completing welding products efficiently and quickly, contact us for more details and pricing.