3D Modular Welding Tables

Our modular welding tables make it possible to complete your welding projects quickly and efficiently.  Our table surfaces move, can be adjusted to position any welding job for precision welding, and with just a few components you can create a custom solution for any specific welding project.

This modular welding table supports combinations of lift tables, horizontal rotary tables and vertical turntables so that you truly have unlimited options to create a custom welding solution.

Why choose a Forster America 3D Welding Table?

The answer is simple. The highest cost factor in the welding industry is not overall production. It’s the down time associated with the need to find precise dimensions, angle assignments, measuring, correcting, aligning, and mechanically reworking all of the materials included in your project.

Having a Forster welding table can prevent a lot of that down time because you are able to create a totally custom solution for your needs.

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