Forster America’s Welding Work Piece Manipulators Make It Easy to Finish Large or Complicated Projects

Welders working on large or complicated projects can improve quality, safety, and work ergonomics, and become substantially more efficient and productive if they use well-designed work piece manipulators. Forster welding manipulator systems incorporate tilting tables that turn and lift, as well as 3-axis positioners, and additional robot axis devices that improve a welder’s ability toRead More

The Top Tips for Welding Copper

Copper is a soft, non-ferrous metal that can be easily bent, cut, shaped and joined using several welding processes. While it is often used to make decorative household and architectural items, it is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, and so is widely used in the electrical industry, while copper pipe, valves and otherRead More

The Evolution of Welding [Infographic]

Welding is a fundamental part of almost every industry and product in today’s world. Some of the first welding processes we’re being utilized before iron was even discovered as a useful material, today there are many different popular welding processes for all types of metals and fabricaton. Our timeline below begins in the “Bronze Ages”Read More

From The Fabricator: A Welding Ventilation Overview

By Benjamin Howell of Kemper America Welding emission reduction is something that interests all metal fabricators, and today’s welding technology does a good job of removing welding smoke that can contribute to health risks. This can be misleading, however. At the nanolevel, invisible to the human eye, the concentration of particulate matter can pose aRead More

Long Term Health Effects of Welding Exposure

At Forster America our focus is to make each welding job faster, safer and more efficient through the use of our products. However, the health effects of welding exposure are also something that we’re very passionate about. The detrimental long-term health effects of welding exposure are well documented, with studies showing that there are manyRead More