Long Term Health Effects of Welding Exposure

At Forster America our focus is to make each welding job faster, safer and more efficient through the use of our products. However, the health effects of welding exposure are also something that we’re very passionate about. The detrimental long-term health effects of welding exposure are well documented, with studies showing that there are manyRead More

Forster America is bringing 3D Welding Tables to the States

Forster America will now be supplying the United States with Forster’s (Germany) 3D welding tables, and accessories.  These welding tables are truly innovative and truly unique.  Forster (Germany) has over 25 years of experience in welding tables and the welding industry.  They are more than aware of what welders and businesses need, and they deliver.Read More

We’ve Launched a New Company, and a New Website

Forster America is the newest supplier of Forester Welding Systems’ tables and accessories. Previously you could only purchase these 3D welding tables from the German manufacturer itself. The launch of our new website allows us to showcase all of the revolutionary welding products that Forster America has to offer. These welding tables and accessories willRead More