Vacuum Clamping System that Reduces Distortion

Whether you do the work manually or use a robot to do the welding for you, working with sheet metal parts can be an extremely challenging task. But it doesn’t have to be. Now a new high temperature, Vakufix vacuum-clamping system is available, that will simplify the process, even when parts need to be clamped at a three-dimensional level, in the critical heat affected zone (HAZ). The new system also reduces thermal distortion, which is a huge plus, particularly when welders work with stainless steel plate.

Introducing the Vakufix Vacuum Clamping System

Vacufix on Welding Table

Now available from Forster America, Vakufix is a sophisticated clamping system intended for both manual and automated robotic welding of sheet metal plates. It is a patented product, and totally unique in terms of the way it works. Unlike any other existing welding clamping option, the Vakufix vacuum clamping system is incredibly versatile and can be used for every possible sheet manufacturing operation, using any type of metal including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Suitable for use in an extremely high temperature range, Vakufix provides maximum accessibility to all welding seams. This is because none of the seams are covered with clamping arms the way they are with most conventional clamping systems. Additionally, all sheet metal parts are secured to the vacuum plate easily and fast. Because the process utilizes a ball valve, it results in the use of a very small vacuum surface. This, in turn, means that any necessary correction required in positioning the sheet metal parts is considerably quicker and easier than it would normally be using conventional clamps. It also minimizes the damage that it is often caused by normal clamps that would need to be rectified.

Once the parts have been correctly positioned, and traction-related forces become active, the vacuum area immediately increases. This results in each of the vacuum plates generating adhesive mechanical forces as strong as 40 kg to 45 kg. This is a particularly reliable method of reducing thermal distortion, and is a boon to those involved in stainless steel processing and manufacturing items from stainless steel.

Vacuum plates are used with compressed air for component pick-up that involves integrated voltage on the inside of the work piece. Each of the plates incorporates an “elastic” stainless steel shim that acts as a sealing surface; this can be replaced very easily if it wears out.

Best of all, Vakufix can be used with Forster America’s state-of-the-art T-slot tables, which speeds up the operation as a whole, ultimately increasing the bottom line.

Vakufix Vacuum Clamping System

Forster America has two different options available for the Vakufix vacuum clamping system. The clamping system is:

  1. Supplied with a clamping table or plate, as well as a pump, and air chamber.
  2. Customized to specific work pieces, together with all the necessary accessories. If there is a change to the work piece, the clamping system can be adapted either by the customer or by Forster America, depending on complexity.

If you would like to know more about Forster America’s Vakufix vacuum clamping system or would like to order a system for your welding workshop, please contact us.