Forster’s Hydraulic Turn-Tilt Welding Tables are Precise, Safe and Ergonomic

Professional welders who want to ensure they adhere to optimum welding parameters, and produce top quality work that requires minimal surface finishing, will appreciate the benefits of Forster’s amazing hydraulic turn-tilt welding tables.

Not only do these high tech tools enable fast, accurate downward seam welding, they are also safe and ergonomic, making the job easier, quicker and more comfortable for those welding.

Ultimately, they make old-fashioned, flat-topped welding workbenches seem totally archaic.

The Turn-Tilt Design

Forster Turn Tilt Table for Stainless SteelForster’s hydraulic turn-tilt welding tables are designed for infinite three-axis adjustment of work pieces. As the name suggests, they can be easily turned and tilted, and their height can be controlled so that a perfect ergonomic position is achieved for welding. This enables welders to work fast and precisely and increases productivity, and therefore profitability as well.

Hydraulics ensures that both the height and tilt adjustments can be securely positioned at exactly the right point. A WS-drive coupled with inverter control ensures that the turning movement is precise and smooth in all loading conditions.

Integrated safety valves are incorporated into the design of these welding tables to prevent unnecessary damage to the hydraulic hoses that serve to turn and tilt them. Catering to the ultimate needs of professional welders, a hand-held pendant allows users to control all table movements manually, and to monitor the way the table operates using a digital speed indicator.

Forster’s turn-tilt welding tables feature optional foot pedals for both starting and stopping rotation, and for speed control. Additionally, there are options that allow for external rotation control as well as wireless remote control. Turn-tilt tables can also be fitted with a neatly slatted top.

Technical Information About Forster’s Turn-Tilt Tables

Rotary tilting tables are available in five sizes that vary in both weight and proportions. The smallest weighs just 520 kg and is 820 mm wide and 1,930 mm long. The diameter of the tabletop is 650 mm and the height varies from 680 mm to 1,370 mm. This size turn-tilt table can withstand a load of 8,000 N and weight of 800 kg.

The largest available Forster turn-tilt table weighs 8,000 kg and can withstand loads of up to 160,000 N and a weight of 16,000 kg. These feature a large tabletop with a diameter of 1,600 mm and are 2,540 mm wide and 4,000 mm long. The height range varies from 1,100 mm to 2,450 mm.

Comparing other technical features, the smallest table has a torque of 800 Nm while the largest offers 16,000 Nm. Spin-up is from 0.07 to 1.6 rpm compared to 0.03 to 0.7 rpm. Breakdown torque of the smallest is 1,700 Nm compared to 80,000 Nm for the largest design.

Other sizes cater for weights of 2,500 kg, 4,000 kg, and 8,000 kg and loads of 25,000 N, 40,000 N and 80,000 N. Proportional sizes of these are 1,200 mm x 2,400 (with a height of 650 mm to 1,640 mm); 1,430 mm x 2,770 mm (730 mm to 1,760 mm high); and 1,880 mm x 3,100 mm (805 mm to 2,130 mm high).

So whatever your needs, there is a hydraulic turn-tilt table from Forster that will suit you.