Save Time on Your Welding Project with Forster America’s Welding Manipulators

Everyone knows the old saying that “Time is money” but in business, it is the literal truth. Some projects are so large and ungainly that it makes welding much harder than it needs to be. The size forces the welder to go through several steps in order to change the work piece facing or position and the weight can sometimes make it dangerous to do adjustments without help. Every second the welder spends trying to work around the poor placement of the work piece is time that could be spent on other projects. Over the course of a few days, that lose can really start to build up.

Luckily, Forster America has solved this problem with their new line of welding manipulators.  These manipulators are time saving wonders with a wide array of features but most importantly they offer:

  • Tables that can both turn and tilt
  • Positioners with lifting capabilities and two axis rotation

3-axis-positionersThe rotation of the positioners allow a welder to weld seems in flat positions while being at an ergonomic working height. The versatile tables are customized to meet their client’s requirements and can be used for manual welding or welding robots as needed. Since the manipulators allow them to move the project where they need it rather than forcing the welder to keep changing position, it speeds up the process a great deal.

Forster America designs and manufactures positioners for specific client needs such as handling large objects and other specific work-piece requirements. Since minimal effort is needed to change the height or position of a work piece it results in:

  • A high level of worker safety
  • An increase in the quality of the work
  • Better work ergonomics
  • Much higher productivity given the optimal working position
  • An extremely high level of accuracy and efficiency