Forster’s Vacuum Clamping System Allows for Multiple Capabilities

One of the most difficult parts of welding is keeping all the pieces where they need to be while you work. If something shifts at the wrong time then you can ruin your weld and possibly the whole project. There are a multitude of different methods that welders use to secure materials but none that match Forster’s new vacuum clamping system.

Forster offers their Vakufix system in two different configurations:

  1. A set that includes the pump, air chamber and clamping table.
  2. A set that has been customized to the working piece and includes all of the accessories.

Forster Vacuum Clamping System VacufixThe Vakufix system is the first to utilize high temperature vacuum clamping plates. They allow a user to quickly and securely clamp parts directly in the line of heat on a 3D level. This is a crucial feature if you are trying to manufacture sheet metal. Other systems can hold the material in place but the Vakufix system will hold the material in place while giving the welder complete access to the seams. In a normal system, the clamping arm causes problems because they always seem to be in the way.

Since the sheet metal parts are held in place with a very small vacuum surface, it is easy to move them around and correct their position. If traction related forces become active the vacuum area will automatically increase to compensate. Each vacuum plate can generate anywhere from 40 to 45 kg. This will cut down on the thermal distortion which causes so many problems when processing stainless steel. For component pick-up with integrated voltage on the interior side, vacuum plates with compressed air are used. The high-temperature-vacuum plate is equipped with an elastic stainless steel shim as sealing surface, which can easily be replaced.

If you need to secure your sheet metal parts while still having full access to the welds, you should look into the revolutionary Vakufix system. Call Forster today if you have any questions about the specifications or pricing.