Our Railing Welding Fixtures allow for Railing Welding in a Fraction of the Time

At Forster, we have been gaining a reputation for great welding equipment because of two simple reasons: Simplicity and Efficiency. We design each one of our welding tables to make a welder’s job safer, faster and easier than ever. For instance, our new railing welding fixtures can reduce the time it takes for you to produce your projects by up to fifty percent. That is a massive benefit because it puts money right back in your pocket. You can produce twice as many stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel railings in the time it is taking you now.

We pack a lot of features into our Railing Welding Fixtures because we want to give our clients all the tools they need to produce top notch products.

Our Railing Welding Fixtures offer:

  • Forster Railing Welding Fixture 6.5 MeterThe ability to create straight banisters or railings
  • All possible graduations of railing member distribution
  • A railing height that ranges from 450 to 1200mm
  • 360 degree rotation with pneumatic load balancing
  • A maximum payload of 150kg with a railing slope of 60 degrees
  • Starting, in between and final stakes
  • A handrail, bottom boom and an inter belt

The reason for its efficiency can be seen in its operation. Bar elements are placed onto the fixtures according to how wide they are.  This makes things a lot simpler because only the distance between the stakes and the quantity of similar bar elements need to be entered into the input display. The holders for handrail, inner belt, and bottom boom can be shifted individually along the x-axis, then shifted along the y-axis together as a unit. By twisting the hold head, all profile cross sections on height of the bar elements center themselves. When the railings are fixed after insertion, they can be swung into the optimum welding position. This makes the task of welding them overleaf-ready much simpler.