Aluminum Copper Welding Tables are Best for Stainless Steel Welding

At Forster Welding, we offer a variety of table tops to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. The most popular tops we sell are generally the Carbon Steel and Aluminum Alloy models but there are times when only an Aluminum Copper Alloy top will do.

Aluminum Copper Welding tables are usually a necessity when you plan on welding Stainless Steel, because of their many benefits:

  • Aluminum Copper Welding TablesIf you need a safe basis for professional grade stainless steel processing then an Aluminum Copper Alloy top is a must. This process requires a strict separation of ferritic material because even a small scratch or cut on the surface of the welding table can cause pitting and corrosion. An Aluminum Copper Alloy top will provide you with the necessary separation.
  • The clamping system does not contain ferritic material so as to avoid the problem listed above.
  • Aluminum Copper Alloy tops help to avoid needless damage to the projects being built on them. They utilize a T-Slot system made of a special Aluminum/Copper alloy that has been proven to be beneficial because it cannot cause any ferritic scratches. This 3D clamping provides the security and positioning you need for detailed work due to its high tensile strength and low surface hardness.
  • Open table design allows larger pieces to stick through and allow easier access to critical welding areas.
  • Low splatter adhesion. Since these tables retain a high level of thermal conductivity, spatters have a hard time adhering to your work surface.
  • High quality results. Our Aluminum Copper Alloy tables produce parts of the highest quality because the modular interchangeable rail system enables permanent accuracy on the table surface.

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