Rail Welding Fixture for Fence Manufacturing

Rail welding fixtures add a completely new perspective to welding for anyone who has always relied on flat horizontal or vertical welding tables and benches used with relatively static jigs.

When welders use a new-age rail welding fixtures, all sides of the workpiece being welded are exposed during the welding process and these can be adjusted to virtually any angle at any time. It provides an incredibly steady mounting for what is being welded and keeps the workpiece in place.

This makes rail welding fixtures particularly well suited to operations like fence manufacturing.

Advantages of Rail Welding Fixtures for Fencing

7 Meter Railing Welding Fixture

The bottom line is that rail welding fixtures make fencing jobs quicker, easier, more accurate, and ultimately more cost-effective. But how?

All you have to do is look at one of Forster America’s rail welding fixtures to see the difference. Unlike a solid table or even one of Forster America’s 3D welding tables that features movable rails, their rail welding fixtures allow for rail positions in many custom configurations. So, instead of clamping the workpiece onto the top of a solid welding table, or even onto movable slats, you are able to clamp all the different elements onto either the upper or lower side of the fixture.

Suitable for both manual and robotic welding, these rail welding fixtures move on a parallel plane according to scale. Most allow pneumatic load balancing and they all have locking brakes. They have mechanical clamping elements that feature spindle-compression, and the design ensures that the welder can position the joint of workpieces so that the possibility of irregularities will be minimized. This is a particularly easy operation when it comes to fence manufacturing, even with relatively elaborate designs made from any of the favorite metal types including aluminum and mild steel.

Positioned above floor level in the same way as any other welding table, the rail welding fixtures manufactured by Forster America can be moved and swiveled between 225 and 360 degrees. This depends largely on the size of the components being welded, especially those that will need to be welded once the workpiece is rotated onto its other side.

Rail Welding Fixtures From Forster America

Forster America produces rail welding fixtures in five different sizes from 59 in x 118 in to 118 in x 157 in. The maximum working loads of these devices range from 110 to 440 lbs, and the pivot range is 360 degrees for the two smallest rail fixtures to 225 degrees for the other three designs.

The largest, heavy rail welding fixture is, like all the others, made to move along the x-axis in a parallel motion. It uses a digital display to move along the y-axis. The machine comes standard with a single fixed cross beam as well as another that can be shifted. Possibilities are though versatile, and additional cross beams are available and all beams may be moved using program control if required. The option for pneumatic clamping and centering is also available.

Other fixtures have clamping corner braces designed for 360-degree movement. The pneumatic load balancing system that is incorporated allows for rails that are wider and not positioned centrally.

Forster America’s rail welding systems can be used with the company’s patented vacuum clamping system and amazing welding jigs.

If you think this is the answer to your welding dreams – or you know a rail welding fixture will help you up your game – call Forster America for a free quotation or advice.