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Forster America Edge Angles are ideal for aligning metal parts along the edge of the table. Edge stops are used along the outer edges to create a stop along the table edge against which then the metal parts to be welded are easily applied and can be fixed with a XXX. Due to the exact table orientation, a right angle can be created so easily and without much time. The 70 mm version is suitable for virtually all welding projects, while the 200 mm version is ideal for larger parts such. Tubing with larger diameter. Two edge stops per part to be welded are already enough for a secure positioning, but ideally edge stops should be installed wherever an intermediate element is welded in to prevent an outward breakout.

Our Flat Stop is a flat clamping angle, and with its rounded design is ideally suited for angles up to 90 *. The welder can get in without problems with the burner to the corners to staple.

Additional information

Product model 613010 623010 613011 623011 613012 623012
Product Number 613010 623010 613011 623011 613012 623012
Description Edge Angle, Height 70 mm Edge Angle, height 70 mm Aluminum Edge Angle, Height 200 mm Edge Angle, Height 200 mm Aluminum Flat Stop Flat Stop Aluminum