Rail & Fence Welding Fixture

Our new railing welding fixtures can reduce the welding time for railing production up to 50% by streamlining the welding task to make the project as simple and seamless as possible. With our new railing welding fixtures, producing railings has never been so fast and easy.

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Product Details

Forster America Rail & Fence Welding Fixtures feature:

  • Straight railings or banisters
  • With starting, in-between and final stakes
  • With handrail, inter belt and bottom boom
  • With ornaments and all possible graduations of railing member distribution
  • In stainless steel, aluminum or carbon steel

In the process, the bar elements (filling rod, stakes and ornaments) get placed according to their respective wideness. Therefore only the distance between the stakes and the quantity of similar bar elements need to be entered into the input display.

The holders for handrail, inner belt, and bottom boom can be shifted individually along the x-axis, then shifted along the y-axis together as a unit. By twisting the hold head, all profile cross sections on height of the bar elements center themselves. The handrail and belt holders are made from stainless steel to conform to the demands for stainless steel railing. Now the railings fixed after the insertion can be swung in the optimum welding position and can be welded overleaf-ready.

  • Durable construction
  • Optimal positioning for inserting, tacking and welding
  • Holders for handrail, top and bottom chord are available as Centric Clamping Units
  • Slope angle for banisters can be directly selected at the driving carriage
  • Spindle spacing and number of spindles can be selected on the touch display
  • Driving carriage moves the spindles to the next position at the touch of a button
  • Positioning of spindles is freely programmable
  • The control is equipped with a touch display and an absolute encoder, which prevents checksum errors

Additional information

Product model 644225 644227
Product Number644225644227
Pivoting Range360º360º
Max. Working Load330 lb330 lb
Locking BrakeElectric Motor or Drill GearElectric Motor or Drill Gear
Weight1,102 lb1,499 lb
MaterialAvailable in Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Carbon SteelAvailable in Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Carbon Steel
Adjustable Height24 - 27 in. without accessories, 17 - 47 in. with handrail accessories24 - 27 in. without accessories, 17 - 47 in. with handrail accessories
Bannister Length5 m (16 ft)7 m (23 ft)
Spindle SpacingUnlimitedUnlimited
Battery Cap. Of Driving> 8 hrs> 8 hrs