How Modular Welding Tables Save Money

Efficiency is one of the key factors to any profitable business. This relates to the way the business is run, the way employees operate, and to the tools and equipment used.

In the welding sector, down time rather than production time is the mostly costly factor. In a nutshell, this is because time is money, and by spending longer than necessary on a job is going to impact on profits. So by reducing down time, employees are able to complete job tasks more quickly and more efficiently, and ultimately save money.

Down Time Associated With Welding Jobs

Save MoneyProfessional welding jobs must be accurate. Work pieces must be measured and cut according to the specified design, and then correctly aligned so that angles are right and welding (or even just initial setup) doesn’t have to be redone. This might sound like a no brainer, but it’s not unusual for welders to have to mechanically rework parts, if not all of a job, because setup was done incorrectly.

Benefits of Modular Welding Tables

Modular welding tables have taken welding efficiency to a whole new level. Instead of working on a static surface, modular welding tables have surfaces that move and can be adjusted for precision welding.

There are various types and designs, the best of which support a number of additional table combinations including vertical turntables, lift tables, and horizontal rotary tables. Used with high tech railing fixtures, jigs, and other welding fixtures, modular welding tables can be used to create any possible custom solution for a job.

Additionally, innovative 3D modular welding tables and welding fixtures are easy to set up and use with clamping parts. T-slot tracks will allow the table to be used on two axes at the same time.

Modular Welding Tables From Forster America

Forster America offers modular welding tables as well as multi-functional welding tables that are used with various clamping systems, jigs and welding fixtures.

Modular welding tables incorporate surface rails that are spaced 100 mm (just under 4 ins) apart. The value of these is that they can be opened and adjusted to accommodate the full range of accessories, including welding fixtures and jigs. Their 3D welding tables feature a T-slot system that enables an infinitely flexible solution.

There are two types of welding table, one that is made of grey cast for processing mild steel, and the other made from an aluminum/copper alloy for welding stainless steel.

Multi-functional welding tables are used on their own or together with modular welding tables. These work hydraulically and have tops that move, tilt, rotate and swivel, and can be customized. Like the stationary modular welding tables, these multifunctional tables can be used with the full range of Forster America clamps, jigs and accessories. If used on their own, they can fulfill the need for a mobile solution, because they are on wheels.

Of course the decision of which type of welding table to use will depend both on the size of your workspace and the welding jobs you or your employees normally tackle. There are options from relatively small to very large, and they can also be used together with movable table bridges if very large metal structures are going to be welded.

If you are in the market for modular welding tables and welding fixtures, contact the friendly professionals at Forster America for more information, or chat to a consultant online.