Ergonomic Welding Fixtures for Modular Welding Tables

There is absolutely no doubt that professionally designed, high tech modular welding tables improve capacity and offer welders the capability to speed up any welding process. But when it comes to creating custom welding solutions, it’s the welding fixtures you have available that will make all the difference.

Ergonomic Welding Fixtures for Modular Welding Tables 2The very best welding fixtures are designed to be ergonomic, so that welders have to use minimum effort when doing basic yet precise activities liking measuring the metal work piece, working out precise angles and dimensions, aligning sections of a work piece, and correcting or mechanically reworking the materials required to complete any job. Instead of laboriously made jigs, scroll benders, and individual clamps, ergonomic welding fixtures include innovative lift tables, vertical turntables, horizontal rotary tables, ingenious clamping elements and 3D clamping systems that minimize the typical downtime associated with custom projects.

How Modular Welding Tables Differ From Traditional Welding Tables

The simplest welding table provides a metal surface for the welding process. Like any other worktable, it is completely flat and has static legs that keep it level. Modular welding tables can be adjusted to accommodate any design and a number of 3D welding components. Some can turn and tilt, and interchangeable rails improve accuracy. Slot systems enable free positioning so that every angle of a work piece can be accessed with ease.

For example, Forster America’s ingenious 3D modular welding table has been designed using a T-slot system that enables workers to open and adjust the slats that form the table’s surface. Furthermore, this particular welding table can be adjusted and readjusted throughout the welding process, to accommodate additional components that need to be added. The company’s unique welding fixture tables have the same slat formation and specially designed holes in these allow the use of clamps, jigs and other amazing accessories.

In addition to their ability to accommodate ergonomic welding fixtures, Forster’s modular welding tables are available in a number of guises:

  • Grey cast iron that is resistant to the spatter that normally sticks to welding tables and has to be chipped off.
  • An aluminum-copper (Al/Cu) alloy surface, that is ideal for use when welding stainless steel. These have a low surface hardness, and high tensile strength that eliminates ferritic scratching or pitting.
  • Carbon steel, which is ideal for welding mild steel.

Additionally, swiveling welding tables and several lifting, rotating and turning welding tables are available to accommodate jigs. All are perfect for ergonomic welding operations.

Versatile Welding Fixtures for Modular Welding Tables

No matter how simple or complex a welding job is, all welders rely on welding jigs and clamps. But instead of relying on multipurpose clamps and jigs that are made for specific projects, the ergonomic welding fixtures designed for professional modular welding tables offer a host of custom solutions for every possible welding job.

For example, clamps come in the form of:

  • Arms that extend horizontally, and some of which provide additional support
  • Wider clamping jaws
  • Quick release clamps that incorporate a flat stop section
  • Flange clamps that are positioned on a column or tower

Stops and squares are also varied, and include:

  • Try squares of various sizes
  • Edge stops of different heights
  • Flat stops
  • Accessories that are intended for welding four-sided angles
  • Accessories that can be used to weld infinitely adjustable angles
  • V-block supports of varying sizes

Forster America offers a number of different equipment sets that include the best combination of welding fixtures for different jobs including those used for:

  • Manufacturing frames
  • Tube manufacturing
  • Rack and case manufacturing
  • Universal manufacturing

To learn more about Forster’s ergonomic solutions, contact us by phone or email.