Top Features of Forster Frame Welding Tables

Forster America manufactures the very best frame welding tables that minimize downtime by providing a versatile system that can be adjusted quickly and accurately.

The company’s frame welding tables are manufactured in a range of sizes that are maximized for different uses. For instance:

  • The lightest table available for frame welding has a maximum frame size of 2.5 m x 3 m and will take a maximum load of 100 kg.
  • The largest, heaviest table has a maximum frame size of 3 m x 4 m and will take double the load of the lightest table.
  • A 3 m x 4 m frame size that is ideal for overleaf welding of large pieces. While it also accepts a maximum load of 200 kg it provides a pivot that will enable the frame to turn up to 225 degrees. It also incorporates two movable racks that are parallel to one another.

While the larger tables feature electric motorized drives, the lighter one doesn’t. Similarly, while the larger tables have highly defined clamping corners that are acutely adjustable, the smaller table relies on a roll-guided profile-guidance system. Only the two bigger frame welding tables are suitable for robotic use.

The leading features of Forster frame welding tables enable welders to adjust the length and width of the frames to be welded. Because of the ergonomic design, they can be moved in various ways, it is possible to weld the workpiece on all sides without the welder having to bend or stretch into uncomfortable positions.

How Forster Frame Welding Tables Work

In a nutshell, Forster frame welding tables can be quickly adjusted and moved to the exact position required for any welding job. The corners can be clamped in different ways, and other elements can be shifted in relation to a fixed axis. Rails are positioned at right-angles to one another and they can be moved using a double-gear motorized drive that can be adjusted accurately using digital counters.

Movable carriages that carry (or move) other parts into the required position are permanently set on the rails and connected via a belt drive. This ensures total accuracy as the rails are guaranteed to stay in a perpendicular position while they move, and remain in this position throughout the welding process.

The tables that utilize an electric motor drive can be adjusted with program control. However, the frame welding gauge enables the tables to pivot utilizing pneumatic load balancing so that the table can be flipped without an electric motor drive.

The unique suspension of Forster frame welding tables allows frames with a width of up to 2.5 m to be turned. Any imbalance that might result is compensated for by a functional pneumatic cylinder and pedestal.

The support base of these versatile tables offers perfect support for frame welding, and the clamps at the corners can be adapted for a wide variety of designs. Also, the corner clamps can be moved so that they remain parallel and are guided in both axes by rollers. Measurements are stamped on the frame of the table so that the clamps and rails can be positioned exactly where required.

If you would like to know more about the top features offered by Forster frame welding tables, or you’d like to order one or more for your welding business, contact us now.

Improve Your Company’s Productivity With Solutions from Forster America

Any company that is serious about welding will want to maximize efficiency to improve their company’s productivity. The question is, what sort of welding solutions are available that can help companies up their game by increasing precision, and reducing downtime?

Forster America has a selection of innovative products that are designed to make welding jobs faster and more efficient. Some of the solutions they offer are:

  • 3D Modular welding tables that adjust for every position using only a few additional components.
  • Ergofix welding manipulators that adjust to different heights, rotate a full 360 degrees, and tilt to accommodate the most demanding jobs.
  • Frame welding fixtures that enable welders to work on even the largest workpieces from every side.
  • Awesome equipment sets including clamps and brackets you probably thought didn’t exist.

Modular Welding Tables

Imagine a welding table with a surface that moves exactly the way you need it to so that you can adjust the position of your workpiece. Imagine a welding table that uses a specialized lift, horizontal rotary, or vertical turntable that will cope with any possibility you might face when doing a customized project.

Forster America’s superbly different 3D modular welding tables are available in non-ferric gray cast iron or aluminum/copper alloy, which is ideal for stainless steel processing. Sizes range from 118 inches x 59 inches to 39 inches x 47 inches for both types.

Ergofix Welding Manipulators

Ergonomics, as a science, strive to ensure we use less physical effort to do things. By minimizing strain, ergonomics help to keep our bodies healthy and more relaxed. Welding equipment that is designed to help people work more ergonomically is not only better for their physical health, but it will also improve productivity.

Forster America’s Ergofix welding manipulator features a table that is infinitely adjustable in height, and it can be tilted to a 45-degree angle to make access to the workpiece much easier. It can also be rotated a full 360 degrees. For the welder, it provides the opportunity to maintain a perfect ergonomic posture regularly, with no more bending or neck straining. These machines work with hydraulics, which also makes them ultra-easy to operate.

Frame Welding Fixtures

Forster America offers frame welding and railing welding fixtures that enable workers to make quick, easy adjustments on all four sides of rectangular frames. The most significant advantage is that all angles are exposed, making them easily accessible.

Frame welding fixtures may be swiveled substantially, from 225 to 360 degrees, depending on the size of the workpiece. There are several different frame fixture sizes with maximum working loads and pivot ranges. Most are pneumatic with brakes that lock manually, though the largest model has an electric motor.

The company also offers highly innovative railing welding fixtures that are designed specifically for jobs including railings and banisters, handrails, stakes, and so on. These fixtures are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, which makes them more versatile than any other welding solution for these particular product designs. It is possible to streamline production by up to 50 percent with these fantastic fixtures.

Equipment Sets

A modular welding table from Forster America will undoubtedly help you to up your game. But it gets better than that. The company’s equipment sets provide a versatile way to customize your welding table with clamping systems and various brackets and supporting arms, depending on your needs. Sets are available for steel, for universal welding, for frame welding, pipework, and for rack and case. Take your pick.

So, if you are serious about welding, and serious about improving your company’s productivity, you know which specialist company to call for a top quality solution. Forster America will have a solution to meet your needs.

Why Other Welding Tables Pale in Comparison to Forster America’s

The world’s best welding tables enable what was previously considered the impossible. Ultimately, with the right table it is possible to weld anything perfectly with absolute precision, however complex the design may be.

But what makes one particular welding table better than anything else that is currently available on the market?

Features That Determine the World’s Best Welding Tables

Different welding jobs have different demands. Some are quite routine and relatively simple while others are highly complex and complicated. Historically this has meant that companies offering welding services have had to ensure that there are multiple welding tables or a number of different welding stations that can cope with work pieces of different sizes as well as different metals.

Forster America has a range of the world’s most innovative welding tables that can cope with an impressive range of customer-specific solutions. These include welding tables that:

  • Are designed to streamline every possible operation
  • Swivel and tilt to 45 degrees
  • Are infinitely adjustable in height
  • That are designed to ensure that anyone using them is able to retain a good posture while working

What Forster America Tables Can Do That Others Can’t

4500 Frame Welding Fixture
4500 Frame Welding Fixture

Other companies offer fixtures for precision welding and machining, as well as assembly. Some of these are modular. Some have come up with mobile stations that can be moved around and used with turnkey fixturing kits.

A few, like Forster America have identified the need for affordable modular welding tables that will enable those using them to increase productivity and also improve their quality of work.

Various plate and/or hole and slot systems have been identified as a great solution for quality and flexibility. So too has the need for good accessories including clamps, pliers, magnets, and machine parts like threaded fasteners and levers.

Foster America’s products take all of these solutions a step further.

Even the most basic modular 3D welding table can be adjusted so that various innovative components can be used for custom solutions. For instance, Forster’s 3D grey cast and aluminum copper alloy welding tables can be used with a range of lift and horizontal rotary tables, as well as vertical turntables. They range in size from 39 in x 47 in to 118 in x 59 in and may be adjusted in height from 33 in to 37 in.

If that’s not a good enough solution, Forster America offers swiveling or lifting and tilting welding tables that can achieve what no other welding tables can achieve.

The company’s swiveling welding tables are ideal for use with jigs and can be used for 360 degree welding projects. So whether you need to work on the top or bottom of the work piece (from the top or underneath), this table will get you there. Those that lift and tilt can be adjusted to any degree or height. These particular tables and devices work using hydraulics and so are ideal for ergonomic welding.

Additionally, Forster America has a wide range of jigs and fixtures, manipulators and positioners, and 3D clamping sets all of which can be used with their superior welding tables. You won’t find them anywhere else.

Want to know more about why Forster America’s welding tables are better than any others you can buy? Contact us now and we’ll help you decide which one you need to improve the profitability of your business.

How Forster Welding Tables Save Time and Money in Industries That Need More Welders

The welding industry is suffering from a critical shortage of skilled welders at a time when welding job opportunities are increasing annually. For this reason it is vital for employers with welding workshops to ensure their equipment is cutting edge, with the potential to put them ahead of their competitors. And one of the most innovative ways to do this is to use high tech modular welding tables that enable one skilled welder to do jobs that would normally require at least two pairs of hands.

Skilled Welder Shortage in the US Manufacturing Economy

Welding Fume Hazards | Forster AmericaThe American Welding Society (AWS) has predicted that by 2024 the welding industry will have a shortage of around 400,000 welding operators. This is not surprising since data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that from 1988 to 2012, the number of welders in the US reduced from 570,000 to 360,000. Coupled with this, the manufacturing industry in general, and oil and gas industry in particular, has grown exponentially since mid-2009, adding more jobs for specialist welders than anyone would have imagined was possible.

Another BLS stat indicates that during the decade from 2010 to 2020 (which of course we are more than halfway through) will show a 15 percent growth in welding-related positions, which is higher than those for most other occupations. This, they say, indicates that by 2020, there will be around 50,000 more welding positions available than there were six years ago.

Coupled with the fact that properly trained career welders are in greater demand in manufacturing than ever before, welders can pick and choose where they work. Proper AWS certified training enables a career welder to cherry-pick jobs in a wide range of manufacturing industries, particularly when they have training and have experience in the latest technologies, together with the opportunity to use cutting edge equipment.

How a Forster America Welding Table Can Save Time and Money

It stands to reason that any company hiring welders will want to ensure the quality of workmanship is tops. However, manufacturing and other businesses hiring welders need to ensure that not only are the welders properly trained to use the latest welding techniques, but the welding equipment is also innovative and cutting edge. By using equipment that can cut down on downtime and enable one welder to do the same job two or more welders would normally be expected to do, in the same (or shorter) period of time, will save any business both time and money.

There are not a lot of elements that comprise the ability to complete the welding process, other than the appropriate welding machine and the bits and pieces required for the specific process chosen.

So what gives our welding table the cutting edge?

In a nutshell, if a welding table is modular, easy-to-clean, easy-to-maintain without having to splurge on replacement parts, and it’s efficient, then it’s going to save you time and money. That’s what Forster America has to offer with all of our specialty and modular welding tables.

An easy-to-clean welding table will have worktable-tops and rails that have been innovatively designed and then soaked in an oil formula that enables you to get rid of spatter instantly. What this means is that spatter simply pops off the surface while the welders are working. Then it can be cleaned very easily without any grinding or elbow grease. That feature saves a lot of time when it comes to cleanup, and time translates to financial savings.

Easy cleaning takes time and money savings to another level too. Because there is no need to grind off spatter, welding workshops will save the integrity of tabletops and they will last a lot longer. Furthermore, if one rail of a well-designed cutting edge modular welding table is damaged, all the welders need to do is replace the rail and not the whole tabletop.

Ultimately, the best modular tables available today don’t only make it easier for welders to work, they improve uptime too, because one welder can do the job two (or more) welders would normally do in the same time. When a well-designed modular table is available, a well-trained qualified welder seldom needs assistance manipulating a work piece in the middle of a project.

How Forster America’s Cutting Edge Welding Tables Work

3D Welding Table

Once upon a time a welding table was simply a table with a flat surface made of metal – commonly mild steel, but ultimately depending on the metal being welded. To weld different components that had to be positioned at different angles, welders had to use jigs and clamps and other quite basic, but often custom-made aids to get the job right.

And then technology saved the day, and 3D modular tables were designed that enabled welders to tackle any job using a proprietary T-slot system. These contemporary welding tables incorporate modular parts with slots that can be opened and adjusted to accommodate different metal parts within the design of the item being welded.

The best modular tables can be tilted, moved and customized with built-in jigs in a fraction of the time any regular, quite old-fashioned welder would need to set up a mid-job position for welding. Better still, one skilled worker can do it alone, which is good news in an industry that has fewer workers than it did a decade ago. The “secret” about so-called cutting edge welding tables is that they can hold a full range of 3D welding components and accessories required to complete an amazing range of welding tasks.

Whether you are a welder or a business that employs welders, cutting edge equipment is available to take your business to the next level. You might need to hire more staff, but you should also look at what upgraded equipment can do for you, particularly a welding table that’s going to minimize your downtime.

The American Welding Society Updates the D1.1 Structural Welding Code

The American Welding Society (AWS) has released its new version of the structural welding code for steel. Titled Structural Welding Code – Steel. AWS D1.1/D1.1m:2015, it supersedes the previous edition published in 2010.

AWS Logo | Forster AmericaThe revision represents a collaboration between the AWS D1 committee on structural welding and its sub-committee on steel, and it details all requirements for steel structures made from tube and plate. These include design and procedural requirements as well as those that relate to qualification as well as inspection and the repair of any structures manufactured using steel. It also covers structural steel shapes that will be subject to cyclic or static loading.

Apart from substantial changes to the text, additional commentary has been added to improve clarity in general, and to make provisions of the code easier for welders to understand.

Available from the AWS online store, the 646-page code costs $411 for members and $548 for those who are not members, and is available immediately as a PDF. Printed hardcopy versions will be ready for shipment from the end of September 2015.

The AWS lists the changes that have been made to D1.1 structural welding code in some detail.

General Changes

Parts of the revised structural welding code have been reorganized. For instance all tubular provisions, together with tables and figures, have been moved to a new section, Tubular Structures. A new section of commentary is also added here.

The AWS A5.36 code, Steel Flux Cored Electrodes for Flux Cored Arc Welding and Metal Cored Electrodes for Gas Metal Arc Welding has been incorporated as part of the structural welding code.

The section covering postweld heat treatment (PWHT), that is often used after welding to improve the weld, now has two additions: the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) A709 Grade HPS (for high-performance steel) 100W [HPS 690W]. ASTM A709 100 (690) and 100W (690W) have been deleted.

Changes That Relate to Design

There are three major changes to the section relating to design:

  1. Calculation of the throat of a combination fillet weld and partial joint preparation (PJP) flare bevel groove weld has been clarified.
  2. Additional provisions have been incorporated for wrapping welds on opposite sides of a common plane so that seal welding may be permitted.
  3. Figures of fatigue curve cases have been revised so that they are in line with the American Institute of Steel Construction’s AISC 360.

Changes That Relate to Prequalification and Qualification

Conditions for backing metals other than steel in prequalified welding procedure specifications (WPSs) have been clarified. Requirements for “sub-sized specimens” in Charpy V-notch (CVN) tests have also been clarified.

Tables for prequalified filler metals and base metals have been updated and reorganized, and ultimately aligned with the table for prequalified preheat and interpass temperature.

There are also new figures for prequalified fillet weld joint details and complete joint penetration (CJP) groove, T-, and corner joints.

Fabrication Changes

A number of issues have been clarified in the section on fabrication, including baking requirements for the low-hydrogen electrodes that are used for ASTM A514 and A517 steels.

Preheat and interpass temperature requirements for welding with a combination of base metals have also been clarified, as have the provisions for oxygen gouging. Weld profile requirements have been clarified, and so have locations of the depth of the web from tension flanges of beams or girders. These are considered outside the tension zone for construction aid welds and for tack welds.

The requirements for backing and for cleanliness of substrates have been updated too. And revisions have been made to the location and sequence of members and element splices.

Inspection Changes

Several changes have been made in the section on inspection and there is a new table for the qualification and calibrations requirements of ultrasonic testing (U/T) equipment. Issues regarding retesting based on the quality of welding work have been clarified, and so have issues that relate to calibration for the sensitivity and horizontal sweep of U/T equipment.

Additionally, new figures have been added to the code to show more simply and clearly how to achieve effective throat for a variety of types of joint and joint combinations. Definitions and terms used in the code are now normative, and the sample welding forms provided have been revised extensively.

Lastly, the section on safe practices has been deleted and, instead, Clause 1 now includes safety references.

You can purchase the new structural code here at the AWS book store.