CDE Fabrication

CDE Fabrication was searching for a better efficient clamping system and safer surface interaction for welding stainless steel and standard steel pipe welding projects. Their current hole-pattern table design did not have the versatility that what was needed for all of their projects. He was looking for a table that could accommodate several different projects.

CDE chose a Forster Al-Cu alloy T-Slot Welding Table designed specifically for accurate stainless steel welding projects. Since the Forster modular table surface rails can be replaced or moved quickly we also decided to split CDE Fabrication’s table into two halves. One with Al-Cu alloy surface rails for his stainless steel projects and the other comprised of Grey Cast Iron T-Slot surface rails for his more standard steel welding projects. The surface rails are designed to be moved left or right for the welder to accommodate wider or longer length projects on a smaller base table size.

Additionally, CDE Fabrication selected height and angle adjustable Forster v-blocks to place the pipe into an exact position quickly. The T-Slot system allows the operator to locate the clamps or brackets quickly because they can be moved along the x and y-axis simultaneously.

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