The Best Clamps for Welding Workshops

All welding operations require effective clamping systems that enable welders to keep their work pieces in place. High quality, precision welding projects are totally dependent on clamps and clamping systems. Without them, the metal cannot be held in place properly, and the likelihood of error will be increased. This will impact negatively on efficiency, productivity and the company’s bottom line.

In a nutshell, not all clamps are made equal. So which are the best?

The Innovative 3D Clamping System From Forster America

Forster America has a range of modular welding tables, including their signature modular 3D tables that are designed with an innovative T-slot top. These, in turn, accommodate the company’s unique 3D clamping system.

Instead of having to find a suitable place to clamp the metal to be welded, the slats on the 3D welding table accommodate Forster America clamps in the simplest way possible. Whether you need a flat clamp, a C-clamp, a flange clamp, or a basic horizontal clamp, these are made to slide between the slats in the table. Better still, because the tables can be accessed from all sides, and easily adjusted to different positions, once you’ve clamped the work piece, you can just keep on working.

The Best Six Clamps for Welding Workshops

Clamps come in a variety of shapes and forms to suit a wide range of needs. But not all clamps are suitable for welding. In fact many are better suited to woodwork.

Forster America’s 3D clamping system for welding is limited but incredibly versatile. Whether you need to clamp large pieces of sheet metal or small components, there is a clamp that will do the job. They are all most effective when used in conjunction with the Forster America 3D welding table and include:

  • A 50 mm-diameter (2”) horizontal clamp that fits on a clamping pole and is perfect for application of horizontal clamping forces. It can be used at different heights and is easy to adjust continuously.
  • A 30 mm-diameter (1.2”) horizontal clamp that is suitable for applying force on steel and bronze pads.
  • A 50 mm-diameter (2”) x 600 mm (23.6”) flange clamp with a clutch and contact surface made from stainless steel that can be used to position flanges of any size. Suitable bolt sizes range from 97 mm to 355 mm (3.8” to 12”) with a bore diameter of 13mm (0.5”).
  • A flat clamp that is incredibly effective for holding flat components tightly in position. It has a throat depth of 200 mm (7.8”) and an adjustable clamping range of 110 mm (4.3”).
  • A C-clamp that is perfect for clamping flat components to right-angled brackets. It has a throat depth of 70 mm (2.7”) and an adjustable clamping range of 60 mm (2.3”).
  • An invaluable quick-release clamp that can be positioned freely along any x- or y-axis with the flat stop. It is ideal for clamping small components and sheet steel.

Forster America’s 3D tables and clamps are made to incredibly precise standards. So if you want the best clamps for your welding workshop, you know who to go to.