Benefits of Forster America Welding Tables

Manufacturing has come back to the United States – and the future looks bright! Manufactures are building more, and better, products than ever before.

Manufacturing businesses need tools and products that will give them an edge against foreign competition. Tools are a necessary and vital investment. They should be selected carefully to make sure they are suited to enhance productivity and efficiency, reduce overall cost, are easy to maintain, and provide a safe and user friendly workplace.

Use the Innovative Forster Welding and Clamping Tables to Enhance Your Production

One of these tools that ultimately helps business owners rise to their full potential is the Forster 3D Welding Table. Forster has over 25 years of expertise in welding systems, and has created some of the more revolutionary customer-specific solutions for nearly all welding applications.

The revolutionary work table for Forster is a remarkable 3D welding table that can be combined with diverse motion functions. Advanced German engineering and award winning design make this welding table stand out and will equip American manufacturers with state-of-the-art tools.

Forster’s Efficient Design Boosts ROI and Helps Increase Production to Earn More Projects, Faster

Enhanced production by reducing all non-welding activity, and increased manufacturing standards are the immediate results for your business. Whether versatility, flexibility, and/or precision is needed for a single production piece, or series production, the Forster welding table gives you the most clamping options with a unique patented table surface that is designed with welders in mind. Forster welding tables help streamline your production, support individual welders to reach maximum efficiency, and ultimately prepare your business to exceed above foreign and domestic competition.

Forster Welding Tables are Customizable for All Welding Applications

A T-slot system built in every single table top surface element lets you create unlimited clamping and stopping arrangements at and around your workpiece. Accurate preparation of all the components and precise work basis result in a significant time savings, even in single part production. Measuring and positioning can be done with unmatched precision due to integrated etched grid. Making adjustments simultaneously on two axes makes it possible to precisely adjust the stops at exactly the right point and direction.

Fast Cleaning Work Surface with Anti-Spatter Properties

The Forster work table comes in two work surfaces, gray cast iron for steel processing, or Al-Cu Alloy for stainless steel processing. Both surfaces have the advantage of secure protection from welding spatter. Over time, surfaces on regular steel work tables build up spatter. This will adversely affect the evenness of the surface and fittings. Forster’s grey cast iron contains graphite, which is the optimal material for coarse welding work. In the same way graphite protects castings from metal adhesion, it protects your welding table from weld spatters. Cleaning the table top with abrasive methods is no longer required since spatters usually chip right off. This also ensures permanent precision fo the table tops and guarantees life-time accuracy.

Your Choice of Solid Grey Cast or Al/Cu Alloy

For the processing of stainless steel components Forster developed the Al/Cu alloy table surface. Stainless steel requires a strict separation of ferritic materials, and therefore an adequate welding table is essential. Even the finest adhesive contaminates and scratches my cause continuous erosions on the surface. These weak spots had to be corrected by immersion pickling in the past, this is no longer required with Forster’s Al/Cu table tops.

Increase Workplace Efficiency by Providing Repeatability, Accuracy and Interchangeability 

The Forster welding table comes with a comprehensive range of interchangeable stop and clamping elements. This makes working with the table and finding the “right piece” very easy. The process of locating and clamping of the work pieces are simplified, and whether it’s a complex or routine welding task, the completion of your job will be fast and accurate every time.

The versatility of the table top is endless through the specialized design. You can create your area of support as needed by expanding the base plates lengthwise or parallel, creating only the support you need, and leaving other base plates outs when not in use. Welders no longer need to purchase more than one welding table, or move from station to station to weld on different sizes or materials. This greatly increases overall productivity, and reduces down time.

Forster Welding Tables are built to the highest standards making this a quality investment for your business. Don’t settle for second best, call Forster America today for pricing and availability on all of our welding tables & accessories.