Using Forster’s 3D Welding Table to Simplify Welding Jobs

Welding tables are a must have component for any serious welder’s workspace. Standard tables are usually made of steel since other types of material could not stand up to the intense heat needed for welding. This makes them durable but not very versatile. A typical welding table will be setup for a specific project and until that project is finished, the table cannot be used for anything else. 3D welding tables provide a versatile workspace for more complex projects and larger product output requirements.

Standard welding tables don’t give you any option to make changes or position adjustments midway through a job.

Forster 3D Welding TableFor this reason, a small shop or individual welder can get by using a single table but larger manufacturers need a lot more to meet demand. Since a standard table is not able to adapt to jobs of different sizes, a manufacturer is forced to dedicate one table to one project or one step in an assembly line. This is why more and more large manufacturers are switching over to a Forster 3-D Welding Table.

3D Welding Tables Simplify Larger Welding Projects and Increase Output

A Forster 3-D Welding Table is extremely versatile and can accommodate projects of all shapes and sizes because of its “T-Slot” system. The T-Slot system utilizes slats that will open and adjust to accommodate different projects and useful accessories. You do not have to wait until before or after a project to set up these tables as they can be adjusted on the fly.

Our 3D Welding Tables are available with:

  • Al/Cu alloy construction which allows for stainless steel processing
  • Grey cast construction for steel processing
  • The flexible T-Slot system which allows for an amazing array of configurations

If your company handles welding projects on a daily basis then you need to contact Forster America today. There is no point to filling your welding bays with limited tables that can only handle one type of project when you can fill your workspace with Forster 3-D Welding Tables. They can do anything a standard table can do and so much more.