3D Modular Welding Tables for Infinite Flexibility

Next time a welder tells you he (or she) is flexible in terms of the work they can do, double check what they mean. Infinite flexibility doesn’t mean that a welder can necessarily tackle every type of welding process or work successfully in every welding environment. Infinite flexibility means they can do the job they do exceptionally well – and usually because they have a good advantage in terms of the equipment they are using.

All welders use welding tables because they are part of the basic equipment welders need. But not all welders use 3D welding tables – and that’s what enables for infinite flexibility. You could say it’s one of the best-kept secrets in the field of contemporary welding.Welding

Think About It

The highest cost factor recorded by those in the welding industry as a whole is down time. This is caused by welders spending (and wasting) time measuring, aligning, correcting the position of work pieces, finding precise dimensions, and often having to rework materials mechanically when they find that alignment, dimensions and so on aren’t correct.

But if a welder has a welding table that doesn’t just provide a static flat surface, but rather changes form to meet the needs of the job, the entire process will be quicker, easier, and considerably more cost effective.

3D Modular Welding Tables

Cutting-edge 21st century modular welding tables bear very little resemblance to the welding tables our fathers and grandfathers used to have in their welding workshops. Perfectly flat, the old-time types enabled welders to get their horizontal and vertical surfaces level and plumb. They could also be used for custom-made jigs, to make all sorts of different designs. But they didn’t help at all when it came to angle assignments and the precise dimensions required for professionally designed projects that are never, ever the same. And in the world of welding, this is a daily reality, unless welders are working to only one particular design.

Today’s welding tables are in a word, amazing. Because they can be easily moved and adjusted to any position, they enable welders to change the position and angle of work pieces. And when they add just a few components, they can create custom solutions for just about any possible welding job.

The best 3D modular welding tables are able to support lift tables, vertical turntables, and even horizontal rotary tables. They can also support large loads of different metals, some up to five tons. This kind of design really does take welding to a new level, and it enables infinite flexibility in a way our fathers and grandfathers would never have dreamed was possible.

The good news is that Forster America 3D welding tables do just this and more. Created using an ingenious T-slot system, they incorporate metal slats that can be opened and adjusted to fit various accessories and of course the work piece. Available in grey cast for steel processing, and an aluminum / copper-based option, the tables vary in size from 3 m to 1 m in length, and 1.5 m to 1.3 m in width.

The beauty of the Forster modular welding table system is that they can be adjusted right in the middle of the welding process – and by just one person on their own! This saves time and money, and adds value to the bottom line. End of story.